Friday, March 5, 2010


As a mom, I feel like most of my days consist of making breakfast, feeding the kids, cleaning up breakfast, refereeing, making lunch, feeding the kids, cleaning up lunch, circus show to keep the kids happy, putting kids to nap, cleaning up the disastrous mess they have created with toys, clothes, blankets, and anything else they can find to pull out of baskets, drawers, cupboards to spread about the house, making dinner, feeding the kids dinner, cleaning up dinner, another circus show, getting the kids ready for bed, putting them to bed, and cleaning up the mess again.

I recently was able to go to Time Out For Women which was absolutely amazing! One of the talks was on motherhood and enjoying and looking for the little moments during the day that make all of that other stuff worth it. This is definitely one of those "MOMENTS" for me. I was giving the girls a bath and was really at my wits end that day, when I hear Ella talking to Abby and saying "isses, isses." It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying, but she wanted Abby to give her kisses. This is what happened:

Abby just puckered up and they gave each other "isses!" Then they just both giggled. They would then say more "isses!" And go again! I love how Abby's lips are all puckered up! So priceless!


LeLe said...

That is SO adorable Jen! I love it & that's awesome that you got a picture of it. It seems like I always miss those moments with my camera.

The Redhead Bunch said...

Oh how sweet! Love those little moments. They are so darn cute...and you got such a great pic of it!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting that. I am SO guilty of focusing on how exhausting my day is (and I don't even have twins) rather than appreciating how AWESOME it is and how BLESSED I am to be here for it! Thanks for the reminder!! The girls are adorable!!!

Tesha said...

Jen, I've been wanting to tell you not to be scared of more twins. Since I'm the one who told you how hard they were for me the first time. Now besides the whole nicu / oxygen thing (if you have them again, don't have them early ; ) these ones seem much eaiser. Either its older/wiser or been there/done that. Just wanted to pass that along. Hope all is well!